Kura Revolving Sushi Bar – Irvine, CA

2700 Alton Pkwy #133

Irvine, CA 92606

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Located in the extremely busy Diamond Jamboree shopping center in Irvine, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar serves up fresh sushi in a fun environment with a rotating food transportation system as well as a conveyor belt system to make getting food easy.  Parking can be a challenge in this Asian shopping center with so many restaurants and shops around, but there is also a garage around back to help alleviate the struggle of finding a spot. When you arrive, you check in at an iPad by entering your party size, seating preference, and cell phone number. There was a short wait when we arrived, but we were seated in around 15 minutes. We were seated in a bar-like area where we had access to two iPads and disposal slots. The slots were built-in to the table for us to slide our dirty plates into.

A server came by to take our drink order and to explain the system. After the quick explanation, we were ready to order. We grabbed a variety of items from the revolving system as well as put in multiple orders into the iPad to be delivered via conveyor belt. Many of the items that we can order also show up revolving around as well. Some of the highlights of the sushi included the seared beef with yakiniku sauce, umami oil seared beef, and garlic tuna steak rolls. The tonkotsu ramen was the only disappointment of the meal since it tasted more like packaged ramen you can pick up from the grocery store. The entire process was extremely fun, and you can easily get carried away by ordering too much food.

Overall, the sushi was very tasty, but at $2.50 a plate (for the most part), you can easily rack up a substantial bill with the small portion sizes. Coupled with the fact that you can start inserting the dirty plates into the disposal slot and causing various animations to play on the iPad also drives you to order more food, since once you reach 15 plates, you have a chance to win a prize that is dispensed from above. We ended up ordering all 15 plates and got some toy tape (although I was hoping for a key chain). If we happened to be in the area of a Kura again, we would definitely give them a try, and suggest you do so as well. There are plenty of these restaurants in the Southern California area, so eat up!

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