9th Snow and Snack

8144 Delta Shores Cir S Ste 110

Sacramento, CA 95832

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located in the Delta Shores shopping center, 9th Snow and Snack serves up Taiwanese hot pot with an array of drinks and sides. When we entered the fairly busy restaurant, we were quickly seated and provided with menus. It did take a while for a waitress to come by again to provide us with drinks, and even longer before they took our order. We noticed other tables who were sat around the same time as us who encountered the same service issues. Eventually, we were able to order.

Today, we decided to order the beef hot pot, pork pot sticker, fried chicken wings, fried chicken skewers, honey lemon tea, and honey milk tea. Within a reasonable amount of time, our beef hot pot arrived with dozens of ingredients over a burning flame that eventually brought the pot back to a boil. The imitation crab meat was extremely fishy, but the beef was tender. The broth was fairly flavorful, and the variety of ingredients was interesting. We were able to share the pot between the two of us while eating the other items we ordered. The drinks surprisingly took longer to arrive compared to the pot, and they tasted pretty basic with nothing special. The skewers were very juicy and fresh, but they didn’t have any flavor. It would have been nice to have a dipping sauce accompanied with the skewers. The fried chicken wings were also very crispy and juicy, but also had no flavor at all. The pot stickers took an extremely long time to arrive. We basically received and ate all of the other food and even had to ask the server what was going on before we received the bland pot stickers with extremely salty sauce. I would definitely advise against ordering the pot stickers.

Overall, 9th Snow and Snack serves up decent Taiwanese hot pot, but their sides and drinks are lacking. Their snow items were not available at the time when we visited, so we cannot comment on that. While eating, we noticed some other tables were experiencing the same service issues as us, and there were multiple occasions where guests did not receive their food. Prices are reasonable, but this facility definitely needs some work on the service department. In its current state, there is no way I can recommend anyone to visit unless you just want to try their hot pot.

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