Selland’s Market-Cafe

915 Broadway

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in a renovated building on Broadway, Selland’s serves up local American food in an open welcoming setting. As you enter the restaurant, a line has already formed leading up to menus and staff waiting to take orders on a tablet. I reviewed the paper menu and quickly decided on what to eat. Today, I ordered the Crab Cake Po’Boy. After ordering, you head to the cashier to make your payment and take a table tent. The food actually took quite a while to arrive, and others who ordered after I did actually received their food first. When I finally received the sandwich, I noticed that the sandwich was fairly small, but did have a total of three crab cakes inside. The crab cakes themselves tasted fresh, but I was expecting more crab inside since there seemed to be more filler instead. The arugula and lemon-basil aioli was quite refreshing and went well with the crab cakes. For dessert, I had a caramel brownie that was extremely decedent and delicious. The top layer of gooey caramel chocolate compliments the soft brownie below. Overall, Selland’s serves up some decent tasting food, but you definitely do not get a lot of food for what you pay for. All of the sides seem to be extra, and the order-taker staff could have been friendlier. If you wanted to try something local and different from chain restaurants, then you should give Selland’s a try, but just make sure you know that you will get small portion sizes.

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