Manaao Thai Cuisine

715 Harbor Point Pl
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Drawn in from a Yelp deal consisting of $35 for $25, Manaao Thai Cuisine seemed like a convenient dinner option if shopping in West Sacramento. Located next to an array of fast food and a Starbucks, Manaao serves up some tasty Thai cuisine.

Today, we ordered the papaya salad, chicken larb, Thai fried rice, angel wings, and pad Thai. I actually tried the papaya salad this time because it actually came with a few pieces of shrimp! The shrimp were very tasty and had a nice crunch. The papaya salad tasted fresh. The chicken larb was OK, but was a bit fatty and the taste was a bit off. The Thai fried rice almost tastes as good as Siam‘s, but falls short by a little bit. The angel wings were really good and were fried well. The pad Thai was very good because it came with both chicken and shrimp. The pad Thai was not overly saucy, but still had great flavor.

Overall, Manaao does a great job of serving up Thai food. Some dishes like the pad Thai and Thai fried rice definitely were winners. If the Yelp deal still exists, then Manaao may be a good choice for Thai if you are in the West Sacramento area. Service and portion size were good. Plus, if you are still thirsty after eating, you can grab a Starbucks next door.

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