Pita Kitchen

2989 Arden Way

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Pita Kitchen was my first attempt at Mediterranean food. Located on a large strip mall on Arden Way, Pita Kitchen not only operates as a restaurant, but also as a specialty foods store. In terms of the food, you will find an interesting menu consisting of appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees.

Today, I ordered the Lamb Kabob entree and I tried the Chicken Pita Sandwich. The entree came with a serving of salad tossed with a spicy dressing, a heaping of yellow rice, and a lining of chunks of lamb. The salad was fresh, but the salad dressing did not get a long with my taste buds. The rice was very long grain, but tasted good. The lamb was cooked well, and tasted really good. The entree did come with a white dipping sauce, but I was not a big fan of that either. The Chicken Pita Sandwich looked very healthy, and tasted fairly good. The pita really keeps all the ingredients together.

Overall, Pita Kitchen does very well in terms of taste, service, and portion size. Although this was my first attempt at Mediterranean food, I found the experience welcoming. Given the opportunity, I would like to try this type of food again in the future. If you are craving some kabob, then Pita Kitchen might be your answer.

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