My Milkshake – San Jose, CA

151 S 2nd St #199

San Jose, CA 95113

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in downtown San Jose, My Milkshake serves up a variety of tasty milkshakes customized to order. There was no wait as we arrived near closing time. Unfortunately, that also meant they stopped serving fries, which was a bummer. With that said, instead of trying to figure out what type of customized shake to select, we opted for two of the preset awesome shakes. We ordered the MM Hulk and SpiderMMan shakes. The MM Hulk had a nice minty flavor from the Andes mints and a great texture from the crunchy Oreo bits. The SpiderMMan shake had some tasty Kit Kat bits along with a delicious hazelnut flavor from the Ferrero Rocher. Both shakes tasted delicious, but both were not very creamy. I think the shakes would have tasted better if there was less milk or if the shake was blended less. Overall, My Milkshake did serve up tasty milkshakes, but the prices tended to be a little on the high side. The higher prices are warranted due to the great taste and available selection of flavors and add-ins. If you are looking for dessert in the downtown San Jose area, then head over for a milkshake!

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