Noah’s Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine – Merced, CA

1327 W 18th St

Merced, CA 95340

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located near busy Main Street, Noah’s Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine serves up many traditional Vietnamese dishes along with some other pan-Asian dishes. Noah’s also offers many vegetarian options. When we entered the restaurant, there were only a couple occupied tables, and we were quickly seated. The server provided us with menus and took our drink order. We had some time to review the menu by the time the server brought us back our drinks.

Today, we decided to order the chicken satay, large beef pho with rare steak and meatballs, and chef’s special rice plate with pork chops. The chicken satay arrived first, and we were quite surprised. We thought the appetizer item would just be marinated chicken on skewers, but it was actually sliced marinated chicken over a bed of salad. The dish still tasted really good with the peanut sauce, but it just really threw me off in terms of expectations. For only $6.50, the dish was a great value. The beef pho arrived in a decent portion size, but it came with onions even though I asked for no onions. The broth was light, but flavorful. The meat was tender and the meatballs tasted OK. I like how they included cilantro in the soup. The chef’s special with pork chop was also a great value because it also included a bowl of soup and an egg. Each piece of the pork chop tasted marinated and tender. The light salad and soup was a nice touch to round off the meal.

Overall, Noah’s Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine serves up some delicious tasting Vietnamese food, even though the chicken satay was completely unexpected. The pho and pork chop dishes really tasted authentic. Unfortunately, service was quite slow for the server and kitchen, which was let down considering the food actually tasted good.  If you are in Merced and are in search of Vietnamese food, do not feel turned off that this is a fusion restaurant and actually give this place a try.

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