Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria – Anaheim, CA

1510 Disneyland Dr

Anaheim, CA 92802

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in the Downtown Disney District, Naples serves up a variety of Italian cuisine including their famous pizzas. When I entered without any reservation, I was offered immediate seating at the bar or I could wait for a table. Since I was already quite hungry,  I opted for the bar. After finding a spot, the bartender provided me with a menu and a glass of water. After a quick review of the menu, I knew what I wanted.

Today, I decided to order a strawberry lemonade along with an individual 10″ margherita pizza. After ordering, I was offered bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The bread was soft and fresh and tasted great dipped into the oil. The strawberry lemonade was sweet, and I received free refills, but I would have liked some strawberries inside the glass as well. The pizza did not take too long to arrive, and it looked beautiful. The server also offered to add more cheese to the top, and how could I resist? The pizza was cut into four large cheesy slices. Each bite tasted fresh and delicious, especially when you bite into a large chunk of fresh mozzarella cheese or piece of basil. I wished the crust was not as chewy, but the pizza was still delicious. I was also hoping for more sauce, but I could only ask for so much.

Overall, Naples serves up delicious pizza with a smile. My server/bartender, George, provided amazing service and was on top of checking on me and making sure I had everything I needed. The restaurant does provide an AP and DVC 10% discount if you have either. With amazing service, and decent prices, I definitely recommend a visit to Naples if you are in the mood for Italian food during your time at Disneyland.

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