Rock Bottom – Long Beach

1 Pine Ave

Long Beach, CA 90802

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located in Downtown Long Beach right off East Ocean Boulevard, Rock Bottom serves up many American classics in innovative styles. Upon entering the restaurant, a  hostess quickly located an available table and provided menus. The menus were descriptive and pictures were very inviting. After requesting for water and reviewing the menu, I was ready to order.

Today, I decided to try their 2 A.M. burger with a side of mac n cheese. The 2 A.M. burger was delicious and arrived cooked to medium as requested. The fried egg and hash brown really went well with the beef patty and bacon. There was plenty of beef to fill the fluffy bun. I really felt like I was eating a fancy breakfast burger containing many of my favorite ingredients. The mac n cheese was very cheesy and I appreciated the Parmesan breadcrumbs that added that much-needed texture to the warm side.

Overall, Rock Bottom serves up tasty American food with excellent service and food quality. Prices are in range of what you would expect from an American sit-down restaurant, but on the higher side. If you happen to be in downtown Long Beach, then you will not be disappointed with a meal from Rock Bottom.

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