Ohana Hawaiian BBQ – Davis

825 Russell Blvd

Davis, CA 95616

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located right on Russell Boulevard in the heart of University Mall, Ohana Hawaiian BBQ serves up of Hawaiian BBQ dishes similar to that of L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Prices seemed fairly competitive to that of L&L, and considering that there is no L&L in Davis, Ohana ends up being the place to go for Hawaiian BBQ.

Today, I ordered the BBQ chicken plate. The meal came in a large styrofoam takeout container. There was plenty of BBQ chicken over a bed of fresh cabbage. There were two small scoops of rice, which I thought was a bit stingy, as well as a scoop of macaroni salad. Unlike L&L, Ohana actually removes the skin from the chicken. I like this because I did not like the skin anyways, but some people may like the skin. The chicken was marinated well and was quite flavorful.

Overall, Ohana does serve as a decent substitute to L&L, but I still feel L&L is a better value and has better quality product with more rice. However, Ohana’s food does taste good and the wait wasn’t too bad. If you are in Davis and craving for a nice plate lunch, then Ohana would be a good choice.

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