Piroshky Piroshky – Seattle WA

1908 Pike Pl

Seattle, WA 98101

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in busy Pike Market in Seattle, Piroshky Piroshky serves up Russian baked good to the masses. When we arrived, we had to stand in the 15-20 minute line in the street. The line did move pretty quickly as staff funneled people into the shop. While in line, menus were circulated around so that people knew what to order as they got closer to the entrance. Once we got into the shop, we knew what we wanted to try. Today, we ordered the beef & cheese and the smoked salmon piroshky. Both items were nice and warm. The beef and cheese piroshky did not have a lot of flavor, but had a decent amount of ground beef and cheese. The pastry was fulfilling, but not flavorful. The smoked salmon piroshky first started off with nice smoky salmon flavors, but as you get through half of the pastry, you mainly taste cream cheese. Overall, Piroshky Piroshky serves up some hyped up iconic food in Seattle, but it is not really worth the wait. The quality of the pastry is nice, and the variety is great, but the flavors could be better. Prices are also on the higher side for what you get. I would still want to give them a try to taste their other offerings including their sweet offerings the next time I am in Seattle. If you like pastries and happen to be in Seattle, you should still give them a try if you’re patient.

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