Quickly – Davis

640 W Covell Blvd

Davis, CA 95616

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located in North Davis in the Save Mart shopping center, Quickly serves up a variety of boba drinks and some Asian dishes. Today, I ordered the lychee slush with lychee jelly as well as their popcorn chicken. The drink arrived first and tasted OK with a decent amount of flavor, but was nothing special. The popcorn chicken actually took a while to arrive. There was a large portion of chicken in the container, but the breading was pretty soft and was not crispy at all.

Overall, Quickly serves up a good selection of drink and menu items, but the resulting drinks and food are just OK. If you are in North Davis and are feeling like getting a boba drink, then Quickly will serve its purpose. If you have a chance, I suggest driving down to South Davis for Teabo instead.

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