Flaming Grill Cafe

2319 El Camino Ave

Sacramento, CA 95821

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

With a Groupon deal in hand, we decided to try out Flaming Grill Café. Known for their variety of meat selections and creative concoctions, the Flaming Grill Café fulfills the burger desires of  many. The restaurant has a small amount of seating available, but many are forced to wait for a table or to take the items to go.

Today, we decided to order to go and ordered the PB&J and the Buffalo Burger. We upgraded the regular fries to garlic fries and carne asada fries respectively. Upon first inspection, both burgers looked greasy and completely unhealthy. There was a huge portion of food in both takeout containers. The PB&J had an interesting taste, but the sauce was getting everywhere as I felt my arteries clogging. Other than being greasy, the garlic fries tasted good and had a good amount of garlic flavor. The buffalo burger looked even more unhealthy with the fried onion strings and dripping grease. The meat tasted very lean and tender. The carne asada fries tasted OK, but they did not have much flavor. There was a good amount of cheese and meat over the greasy fries.

Overall, Flaming Grill Café serves up a variety of interesting burgers with many side selections. Without the Groupon, I would have felt that the price was not worth it. You do get a lot of food for the money, but there is just way too much food. Not only is there a lot of food, but also the food tasted and looked extremely unhealthy. If given another opportunity to visit this location, I would probably pass. If you really wanted to try out different meat burgers, then you should come visit, otherwise, go elsewhere.

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