2101 Natomas Crossing Dr Ste 150

Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★★½ 

When you think of Filipino bakeries, you need to think about Senorita bread. In addition to their location on Mack Road in South Sacramento, this location in Natomas serves up the famous Senorita bread in addition to a bunch of other Filipino baked goods. Upon entering, I was greeted by staff who asked what I would like to order.

Today, I ordered 30 pieces of Senorita bread. Thirty may seem like a lot, but when you eat 3-6 on each attempt, that is not too bad. If you buy a box of 60 for your office, expect them all to be gone within the hour. After ordering the bread, they quickly put in a batch in the oven to bake fresh for you. After three to five minutes, my box of sweet goodness was ready to take home. The box was very hot from all the hot bread. The bread tasted extremely fresh and soft. There is a slight sweetness to each bite as they melt in your mouth. The Senorita bread tastes best fresh, but they still taste good over the period of a week. The bread tends to harden over time, so just microwave it for a few seconds to bring some warmth and softness to the bread.

Overall, Starbread serves up some delicious Senoria bread. I was not brave enough to try out their other offerings, but I’m sure they would be delicious as well. Each piece equates to $0.40, so the price is OK, but you will find yourself easily eating up quite a few pieces. If you have a chance to visit Starbread, be sure to order some Senorita bread.

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