Rafa’s Authenic Mexican Food

2221 Del Paso Rd
Sacramento, CA 95835

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

You usually don’t expect good Mexican food inside of a Shell gas station, but Rafa’s does pretty good. There is limited seating inside the gas station, and the chips are not free. The salsa bar sits near the exit. The nice thing about the restaurant being inside the gas station was that I was able to go to the soda fountain and get a really cheap soda.

Today, we ordered a carnitas torta, beef taco, and a sausage & egg breakfast burrito. The pork in the torta was not crispy, but had some flavor. There was a good amount of vegetables inside, but the vegetable to meat ratio seemed quite high. Overall, the torta was disappointing in comparison to Taqueria Rincon. The taco held up pretty well due to its extra crispy shell. Out of everything ordered, the taco had the most flavor and tasted very good with the salsa on top. I was amazed at the breakfast burrito because it only consisted of egg and sausage. Most other restaurants would fill the burrito with cheap potatoes instead, but Rafa’s kept only the good stuff. There was not much flavor to the burrito on its own, but it did have more flavor than the sausage and egg burrito I ordered at Super Taco. The burrito tasted better with the red sauce on it.

Overall, Rafa’s Authentic Mexican Food tasted pretty good, and the location offered some convenient drink options. Food options are hit or miss, but the quality is definitely above average. If you are looking to try somewhere different, and you are in the Natomas area, then head to Shell to get some gas and pick up some Mexican food while you’re at it.

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