Pho Saigon – Rocklin

6827 Lone Tree Blvd
Rocklin, CA 95765

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

If you thought the only Pho Saigon was on Stockton Blvd, then think again. This particular Pho Saigon in Rocklin claims to serve up authentic Vietnamese food. Upon entering, we found a decent amount of customers inside the small restaurant, but mostly of non-Asian descent. Our large group was promptly seated at a long set of connected tables. We were provided with water at one end of the table, and we had to pass down the waters ourselves. The main server, who seemed like the owner, was quick to take our orders when we were ready.

Today, we ordered the beef pho (Pho Tai), and the pork chop rice plate. The pho tasted ok, but there was not much flavor in the broth. Also, I found that the portion size for my “extra large” to be quite disappointing (looked more like a large). I found myself using more hoisin sauce than usual to add flavor to the bowl of soup. The pork chop plate tasted pretty good, although it also seemed smaller in comparison to South Sacramento restaurants. The egg roll on the plate tasted good and crispy. The pork went well with the sauce and rice.

Overall, the food tasted OK, but the service sucked. When the food actually arrived at the table, the other server who came out did not speak English, and did not know who to bring the food to. Usually, he just kept on placing the dish at the end of the table for us to pass down ourselves. Our drink orders for Thai tea and strawberry smoothies didn’t even come out until halfway through the meal, unacceptable! The servers forgot to bring a soda and then even tried to charge for it! If you are in the Rocklin area, do yourself a favor when looking for Pho and head down to Sacramento.

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