The Sports Page Pub & Grill

14455 Hwy 16
Brooks, CA 95606

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

After trying the garlic fries here before, we needed to return and give it another shot. Located inside Cache Creek Casino Resort, The Sports Page Pub & Grill is situated in the rear left side of the casino. A decent amount of seating is available, but we had a small wait because the restaurant was at capacity. After being seated by who looked like the restaurant manager, our server came to check on us and was able to take our order when we were ready.

Today, we ordered the Garlic Fries, BLT, and Jack Daniels Burger. The garlic fries tasted amazing with the provided aioli sauce. I also found it nice how the fries were served in a mini fry basket. There was a good amount of garlic on the fries and were cooked well. The BLT was not that amazing because it felt a bit dry. There was a good amount of bacon in the sandwich, but it would have been nice to have some turkey to add some more moisture to the sandwich. The included curly fries tasted good and went well with ketchup. The Jack Daniels Burger also came with the same good tasting curly fries. The burger had the signature Jack Daniels flavor and was moist. I would definitely pick the burger over the BLT.

Overall, The Sports Page Pub & Grill did not disappoint. With the exception of the BLT, the food tasted amazing and was definitely worth ordering. Pricing and service are a plus here with food taste not too far behind. If you are in the area and need an affordable tasty bite, then you would definitely want to pay The Sports Page Pub & Grill a visit.

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