Sumo Sushi

2338 Fair Oaks Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located inside an old Wendy’s, Sumo Sushi attempts to serve the Sac State community by offering their rolls at 50% off (just like Arigato’s). The 50% off even includes the huge sushi boats that are filled with rolls. As you look at the menu, you may find a few items that look extremely similar (same) as Arigato’s. Now, Sumo Sushi does not have as much swag or as large as a crowd, but the portion sizes are a bit bigger at Sumo. Upon arrival, we were seated quickly as we waited for more people to show up.

Today, we ordered the Watt, Shrimp Lover, Tempura Roll, and the Lemon Salmon. The total after tax was $24.33, which was pretty good for 4 good sized rolls. The four rolls were served on a single platter with the standard wasabi and pickled ginger condiments. Overall, all four rolls tasted really good, except all of the tempura shrimp in the rolls had a really chewy breading. The breading also seems quite thicker and less crispier than that of Arigato’s. The lemon salmon roll was very interesting because the lemon flavor is very pronounced with the real lemon pieces. As usual, all of the rolls tasted even better when dipped into some more special sauce. A sushi boat occupied most of the space in front of us and was very interesting to look at. I did not try those rolls because I wanted to focus on the rolls we ordered.

Overall, Sumo Sushi does craft up good tasting sushi but with thick chewy tempura batter. As of now, seating should not be a problem. If the wait is too long at Arigato’s, give Sumo Sushi a try; it’s right down the street. If you are craving sushi, I would try and hit Arigato’s first.

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