Ramen & Rice

807 Howe Ave

Sacramento, CA 95825

Rating: ★★★★½ 

In search of other Korean restaurants, we ended up at Ramen & Rice serving up Korean and Japanese cuisine. Located in a small strip mall off of Howe, Ramen & Rice provides a cozy environment to enjoy your meal. There are a good amount of ramen options with Korean options available.

Today, we ordered the Ramen & Rice combo with Miso Ramen and Bulgogi Rice Bowl, a side of kimchi, and the bibimbap. The miso broth was very light and flavorful. The ingredients tasted fresh and felt healthy. There was not a lot of meat inside the ramen, but that was expected since the menu states you only get two pieces of chashu. The kimchi tasted OK and did not taste like it came from a jar. The bibimbap looked great and also had a lot of fresh ingredients. Once mixed together and some red sauce put in, the bowl was delicious.

Overall, Ramen & Rice serves up some great tasting ramen with some nice Korean accents. The restaurant is still more of a ramen restaurant instead of a rice restaurant. We received great, fast service and quick food delivery. If you wanted to try something different and get some Korean and Japanese food, then Ramen & Rice will serve you well.

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