Vampire Penguin

6821 Stockton Blvd Ste 110

Sacramento, CA 95828

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Located among a bunch of Asian stores and restaurants, Vampire Penguin does not scream out shaved ice, but they do serve up the fluffy concoction. You won’t find sno cones here as Vampire Penguin takes blocks of flavored ice and puts them through a shaving machine that generates fluffy flavored ice. The store had a great design with lots of art posted on the walls and music playing with plenty of seating available.

Today, we ordered the strawberry cheesecake that consisted of layers of strawberry and cheesecake shaved ice with condensed milk, strawberries, strawberry syrup, and graham cracker crumbs. The towering dessert looks and tastes delicious and the ice was very fluffy and flavorful. The dessert tasted light and was not heavy. However, this shaved ice was not as fluffy as the place I tried in Los Angeles.

Overall, Vampire Penguin brings good tasting shaved ice to Sacramento. The prices are a bit high, but the fluffiness is well worth it. They did miscalculate the tax rate to be 8.5% when I was there and paid with Square, but they say that they have since fixed the problem to 8%. If you are looking to try something different and want to cool off, then head to Vampire Penguin.

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