Samuel Horne’s Tavern

719 Sutter St
Folsom, CA 95630

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

On this visit to Samuel Horne’s in Historic Folsom, the restaurant was extremely packed with no seating readily available. Menus are available near the bar, which is also where you order as well. There is a variety of beer options available on tap with descriptions of each on the wall.

Today, I decided to order their most popular burger, the Johnny Cash Burger. I requested the burger with double meat cooked medium with a side of tots. Eventually, people finished their meals and some tables opened up. Cold water is available from a barrel dispenser in the middle of the restaurant. Once my burger arrived, I noticed my double meat also included double the bacon, which made it totally worth it. After couple bites, I noticed that the meat was cooked to practically well done instead of medium. Even though the burger was cooked through, the meat was still juicy and tender. The large strips of bacon also tasted delicious in the burger. There was plenty of cheese for the gigantic burger, and the barbeque sauce tasted unique and tangy. I could barely eat the entire burger since it was so tall. The meat patties were at least 1/3 if not 1/2 pound. The provided tots were also cooked perfectly to a crisp, which went well with ketchup. The tots were not seasoned in any special way except for light salt, but they tasted very good.

Overall, the burger was delicious especially with the barbeque sauce. I think I would have been quite satisfied without ordering the burger with double meat. The tater tots were a great addition to the meal and made the meal even better. With delicious food in a comfortable environment, I would completely recommend Samuel Horne’s for  a delicious burger.

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