Oshima Sushi and Fugu Lounge

2071 Natomas Crossing Dr
Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

On this visit to Oshima Sushi, I stayed with a group at the Fugu Lounge and was able to order off of the Happy Hour menu. The server came by often to see if anyone needed to order food and drinks. Today, I decided to order the Salmon Teriyaki Happy Hour Box. The box came with 2 pieces of gyoza, 2 California rolls, salad, rice, and salmon teriyaki. The gyoza tasted OK, but was nothing special. The California rolls were very basic but tasted fresh. The salad tasted fresh, but did not have enough dressing. The rice was cooked properly and went well with the teriyaki. The salmon was cooked perfectly and had a nice sweet teriyaki sauce on top. The cost of the box was competitive with other restaurants for the amount of food received. If I were to come back here again, I would order from the happy hour menu if possible. Overall, the food tasted good and service was great. I cannot comment too much about the sushi since I did not order a roll, but the teriyaki tasted pretty good.

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