1730 L St
Sacramento, CA 95814

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Today, we decided to try out Crepeville in midtown. There was plenty of street parking available. Upon entering, we were able to look at the various menu items available on the chalkboards around the restaurant. An A-frame menu of items from Burgers and Brews was also available. When ready, you would order at the register and a number would be provided to you to put at your table. There were quite a few people in the restaurant so there were only a few tables available.

Today, I ordered the Denver Crepe with additional Italian sausage. Water was self-serve near the registers. The crepe came fresh with a side of breakfast potatoes. Upon cutting into the crepe, you can see adequate amounts of cheese, egg, Italian sausage, and ham. I opted to order the Denver without the onions and bell peppers. There was a great balance between savory and hearty in the crepe. The potatoes were fresh and seasoned well.

Overall, Crepeville served up a tasty fulfilling breakfast crepe that arrived fresh. With so many choices to choose from, it was harder to choose what to order, and you are even able to design your own crepe. Prices are decent, but are a little high for the volume of food received. If you wanted to eat something different, then Crepeville will serve that up for you.

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