Tank House BBQ and Bar

1925 J St
Sacramento, CA 95811

Rating: ★★★★½ 

In search for something different, we decided to try out Tank House in midtown. Upon entering the restaurant, the menus were posted on a couple walls with various meat options as well as sandwiches and sides. There was not much seating inside the restaurant, and the restaurant was fairly busy. Signs direct you to order at the bar when ready.

We decided to order the half chicken with a side of dirty tots as well as the brisket sandwich with dirty tots. The half chicken was a bit small with just two pieces and was quite blackened, but tasted pretty good especially with the sweet barbeque sauce. The chicken was tender and did not taste burnt at all. The brisket sandwich tasted delicious and came with just the right amount of meat. The brisket itself was tender and flavorful. There was a good amount of cheese in the sandwich, which went well with the brisket. The dirty tots were amazing with the pulled pork and cheese all over them. The pulled pork was tangy and tender. The combination of pork, cheese, and tater tots just melts in your mouth.

Overall, Tank House serves up delicious smokehouse meats including amazing brisket. Prices were fairly reasonable for all of their items. The restaurant became extremely busy in a short period of time, making it hard for people to find seating. If you’re looking for some good barbeque, then Tank House will serve that up for you.

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