Samurai Sushi

12251 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

With a Groupon in hand, we decided to try out the flashy sushi restaurant on the side of Highway 50 near Folsom. The inside of the restaurant had very high ceilings and was fairly busy. The restaurant serves up a variety of Japanese dishes from sushi rolls to teriyaki, as well as some Korean dishes as well. Service was mediocre as the server took quite a while to bring us drinks or take or order. Our server neglected us so much that a neighboring server had to take our drink order. Eventually, our server took our order but was clearly seen helping other tables in a much more hurried fashion.

Today, we decided to order the stone bibimbob, chicken teriyaki and tempura combo, and a tempura maki roll. The stone bibimbob did not taste authentic since it was missing ingredients and also added in fish eggs that normally appear atop sushi. There was a lot more lettuce than expected. The chicken teriyaki tasted flavorful, but basic. The tempura tasted crispy and went well with the tempura sauce. There was not too much breading. The combo plate was presented nicely on a large plate with all the components lined up. The Tempura maki was quite small, but tasted OK.

Overall, Samurai Sushi serves up a fairly large menu that tastes OK, but the service was really lacking. Since the restaurant serves up both Japanese and Korean food, I would say that certain dishes would not be as authentic as expected. If I see the restaurant show up on Groupon again, I would not buy it. With such horrible service, I could not recommend this restaurant.

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