Jade Fountain Cafe

5021 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95822

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

I had wondered what had happened to Jade Fountain Cafe when their doors closed down for a while, and now I found that they went through a complete remodel to modernize the restaurant. We decided to give the restaurant a try within a month of its grand reopening in August of 2014. Upon entering, the restaurant was completely packed, and luckily we noticed a table was leaving, so the server was able to seat us fairly quickly. Once seated, we seemed quite forgotten. It seemed like it took quite a while to receive our tea and took even longer to order our food.

Today, we decided to order the Wonton with dry noodle and the dry cool noodle with spicy sauce. The food took forever to receive and we had multiple thoughts to just leave because the food was taking so long. Eventually, maybe after 40-45 minutes, the simple food arrived. The wontons tasted just like they did in the past and were of decent size. There was not a lot of flavor in the wontons themselves. The provided sauce added flavor to the noodle and wonton, but was too salty if you added too much. The dry cool noodle with spicy sauce did not taste very good at all. The meat tasted of low quality and the dish as a whole did not taste good even with all that sauce.

Overall, the mediocre food and horrible service makes Jade Fountain Cafe a nonexistent choice for a good Chinese meal. You are better off going to the many other Chinese restaurants on the same street. The staff seems unorganized and meal tickets littered their counters. Although the decor has changed for the better, the inexperienced staff and slow service deters me from recommending them. Even though the restaurant was busy since a lot of people wanted to go try them out, they have no excuse for the level of service they provided.

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