TGI Fridays – Part 3

7101 Laguna Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

Since TGI Fridays decided to send me a coupon offer, we decided to give them a try again since our last visit tasted OK, albeit a bit salty. Upon entering, we were quickly seated in the fairly busy restaurant. The server quickly came and took our drink orders. As we looked though the menu, we noticed an addition to the menu that was not there last time in the form of small plates.

Today, we decided to try out the 5 taste and share plates for $22.00, which included Hibachi Skewers with USDA Choice sirloin, corned beef & Swiss sliders, Thai Pork Tacos, Parmesan meatballs, and bacon and mac and cheese bites. The best part of these set of plates were the Hibachi skewers because the beef had a really tasty glaze over them and the meat was thoroughly tender. Unfortunately, the remaining 4 dishes were extremely disappointing. The corned beef & Swiss sliders were extremely salty and did not have any flavor. Although I expect corned beef to be salty, this was salty on a whole different dimension. The Thai pork tacos tasted OK, but I could not taste the pork and the mix in the taco was not flavorful. The Parmesan meatballs were meaty, but way too salty. The bacon mac and cheese bites did not have any flavor and just tasted extremely unhealthy. Even with 5 different dishes, only one stood out as good, so overall it was not worth it. We also ordered the Jack Daniel’s Chicken with Cheddar Mac and Cheese and Parmesan Steak Fries. The chicken was mostly tender, but the pieces were a bit small. The sauce went well with the meat and helped make the meat juicy in places that did not seem juicy. The cheddar mac and cheese did not have much flavor at all. The fries were too heavy and thick so they were hard to eat.

Overall, TGI Fridays was quite the disappointment due to the incredibly inconsistent quality of the meal. The only highlight was really the Hibachi skewers, and even then, it was a small bite with few pieces to eat. Most of the meal was lacking in flavor or extremely salty. Even after drinking a lot of water in the restaurant, I was already thirsty by the time I got to the car. TGI Fridays really needs to work on their flavor profiles and reduce their salt usage. If you are looking for a great tasting meal, look elsewhere.

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