San Fresco Pacific Cafe – San Jose, CA

1350 N 1st St

San Jose, CA 95112

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

With my free buffet voucher in hand after being placed in a bad hotel room, I endeavored to make the most of the free meal with low expectations. As I entered the fairly desolate restaurant with only a few other customers seated, I was directed to a table and to where the breakfast buffet was located. I reviewed the few options available and settled on sausage, bacon, slice of waffle, and potatoes. In addition to those items, fruit, oatmeal, sliced meat, and cheese were available on the buffet line. The sausage was quite tough on the outside, but decent on the inside. The bacon was not very crispy, but tasted OK. The potatoes were plain and required extensive ketchup treatment. The waffle slice was room temperature, crumby, and flavorless even when smothered in syrup. In an effort to locate more food, I noticed a cook-to-order omelette station was available next to the buffet. I placed my order for a ham and cheese omelette and the cook said she would bring it to my table once it was ready. As I sipped my orange juice, the omelette was delivered moments after ordering. The omelette was fresh and tasted fulfilling, which became the highlight of the meal. With so few choices, I felt that it was time to leave after my refilled orange juice was drained. I signed off my voucher, provided to the cashier, and left. Overall, the food was extremely mediocre, but the omelette station was pretty good. If I was given another free breakfast voucher, I would return, but I would not pay for this buffet. If you plan on staying at the Holiday Inn in San Jose, skip the breakfast unless you got it for free.

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