Ten Ren Tea – Cupertino, CA

10881 N Wolfe Rd

Cupertino, CA 95014

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located in a very busy Asian plaza in Cupertino, Ten Ren Tea serves up delicious tea drinks in addition to their normal high-quality tea sales. When we entered, there was already several large groups of people waiting for their drink orders. As we approached the cashier, we quickly reviewed the very affordable drink menu. Today, we decided to order the peach green tea and the milk green tea, both without pearls. The peach green tea had a very strong tea taste to the point of extreme bitterness. I don’t mind this brew of tea much, but after drinking it for a while, it gets to you. Although, you do taste the essence of peach in this drink. The milk green tea was also fairly strong, but the milk helps the bitterness subside. Both drinks tasted fresh, but the milk green tea was more tasty. Overall, Ten Ren Tea serves up some high quality teas, but they tend to be on the stronger bitter side. I would not mind coming back to Ten Ren to order another tea drink, but I would probably stick to milk teas. If you like Asian tea, give Ten Ren Tea a shot.

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