Skillet Counter – Seattle

305 Harrison St

Seattle, WA 98109

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located inside the Armory of the Seattle Center, Skillet Counter serves up traditional American food to the patrons of the large food court. Since there really was not much more available than hot dogs and popcorn at the top of the Space Needle, you really need to head down to the Armory for more food options. Menu boards are posted above the register and prep area. After reviewing the menu, we were ready to order. Today, we decided to order the breakfast sammy and the fried chicken sammy. The breakfast sammy came with a simple spring mix and balsamic vinaigrette, which was not the type of salad I usually enjoyed. The breakfast sammy itself was very fresh and had some really crispy bacon. The sammy tasted savory and fulfilling, but did not have any other flavors or sauces to bring it to the next level. The fried chicken sammy contained some really crispy chicken that maintained an adequate amount of juiciness to prevent itself from being dry. The jalapeno aioli and kale paired well with the sammy, but after eating it for a while, you realize that the breading was very thick and you don’t really taste much flavor. We had also upgraded the fries to poutine fries, but that was a devastating upgrade because the fries were cold, soggy, and flavorless. The cheese in the fries was not even melted, so we were unable to even eat the dish. Overall, Skillet Counter serves up interesting items on their menu, but the flavor and quality of the food is lacking. Prices are definitely on the high side for what you get. If you are visiting the Space Needle and are looking for something to eat, you may want to try one of the many other eateries in the Armory or in the surrounding area.

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