The Local – Fairbanks AK

6450 Airport Way

Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks, AK 99709

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located past the small TSA checkpoint at the Fairbanks International Airport, The Local serves up a small menu with simple American dishes. The only other food option at this location would be the Starbucks that shares the same seating area. After reviewing the menu at the front of the restaurant, we proceeded to the bar area to place our order.

Today, we decided to order the smoked salmon dip and the 3 alarm burger. After ordering, we were given a number tent to bring to a table so that the server can bring the food over once ready. After a short wait, the smoked salmon dip arrived. The two large dollops of dip went well with the slices of pita bread. The dip was fairly hard to spread because it was thick, but the flavor of the smoked salmon was present. However, after eating more of the spread, all you can really taste is the cream cheese. The 3 alarm burger earns its name because although the first bite may not seem spicy, the heat really creeps up on you. The burger patty was fairly small, but it was juicy and appetizing. The substituted Parmesan tater tots were extremely crispy, which went well with ketchup. The shredded Parmesan was a bit disappointing since it did not really stick to the tots.

Overall, The Local serves up decent American food, but food was only mediocre. Prices are fairly high for what you receive. There were not many other people eating at the restaurant, but the airport wasn’t that busy either. If you are hungry and happen to be at the Fairbanks airport, The Local will do just fine in satisfying your cravings, but if you are not that hungry, you can probably get by with Starbucks.

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