The Cookie Jar Restaurant – Fairbanks AK

1006 Cadillac Ct

Fairbanks, AK 99701

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Located right off the Johansen Expressway behind a couple car dealerships, The Cookie Jar serves up large portions of traditional American cuisine along with some of their own creative creations. Upon deciding that we were going to give this restaurant a try, we also found out that Guy Fieri visited this restaurant for his show a while back. Although we did not decide to order any of the items he tried, it was still nice to know that this location has some fame. After we entered the restaurant, we were quickly seated in an available table near a window. There seemed to be plenty of locals eating at this establishment. A server came by to provide us with waters and to answer any questions. After quickly reviewing the menu, we were ready to order.

Today, we decided to try the chili cheese fries, meatlover omelette, and stuffed Nolan’s. The chili cheese fries arrived first. The cheese was extremely gooey and seemed to be melted American cheese slices over a savory chili. I liked how there were minimal beans in the chili, which went well with the fries and gooey cheese. It did take some time before our entrees arrived, but it was acceptable. The meatlover omelette came hot from the kitchen. The omelette had plenty of meat stuffed inside the egg including sausage, bacon, and ham. There was not a lot of flavor from the omelette itself, but it was fulfilling. The hash browns were cut into a true rectangle and was scorching hot. It was tasty, but was also extremely greasy. The included biscuit was fluffy, and tasted good with butter and honey. The stuffed Nolan’s was an interesting sight since it was a large cinnamon roll sliced in half with cream cheese in between. A large portion of whipped cream was to the side of the strawberry covered pastry. The cinnamon roll was soft and sweet, but after a few bites, all of the sweetness was a bit much. The dish was still quite delicious until it got too sweet. The dish did come with two sausages, which helped balance the sweetness a bit.

Overall, The Cookie Jar does serve up some hearty American food, but some items like the omelette were lacking in flavor. The stuffed Nolan’s was definitely something interesting. Although it is very sweet, it is still something I would recommend ordering to share. The server did check on us often, and prices for breakfast are reasonable. If you are in Fairbanks, you should definitely give The Cookie Jar a try.

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