1735 Arden Way
Ste 226
Sacramento, CA 95815

Rating: ★★★★½ 

With newly purchased gift cards from Costco in hand ( 2x$25 for $39.99), we ventured to Smashburger inside Market Square at Arden. Located around the corner inside the square near the United Artists Theater, Smashburger is an order first sit down fast food restaurant.

Today, we ordered the All American Burger and the Spicy Baja Burger. My All American Burger was juicy and delicious. Smashburger likes to plate your burger with the top bun off so that you can top the burger to your liking. I topped my burger with lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. The Spicy Baja Burger definitely had a kick. The flavors were there and the meat was equally juicy and flavorful. Fries come optional at Smashburger, so we had one order of fries that was cooked to a proper crispiness.

Overall, Smashburger serves up different delicious burgers that you can finish topping on your own. Prices are moderate, but worth the price for what you get. I strongly suggest purchasing the gift cards from Costco if you get the chance since you will save $10. If you are catching a movie or are just in the area, stop by Smashburger for some good fresh burgers.

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