Krush Burger

700 N 10th St
Sacramento, CA 95811

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Although Krush Burger opened their new location on north 10th street, it is still nice to go out to food truck events like the food truck event at Garcia Bend every month. When we got to the Krush Burger truck, there must have been at least 14 people ahead of us. The entire park was bustling with activity from all over. There were at least 10 different food trucks at this event.

While we were waiting in line, we decided to order the Original, Cowbell, and the Ninja. All of Krush Burger’s burgers are in slider form. You get two sliders for around $6.58, but special sliders cost $1 more per slider. The original slider had the traditional lettuce and tomato toppings, but the highlight of the slider was the delicious taste of the beef. The Cowbell was a bit more interesting because in lieu of the lettuce and tomato, the slider had BBQ sauce and crispy onion strings. I actually thought the Cowbell was really good because it was not too salty and you could still taste the meat through all the fixings. The Ninja was OK, mainly because the Asian sauce they used was way too salty. The overall taste of the additional meat and sauce did come together, but I don’t feel it was worth the extra dollar. We also ordered fries that was mostly good, except for a couple of pieces that were undercooked. They also sell bottled water with their name on it.

Overall, Krush Burger serves up some delicious sliders are pretty darn high prices, but they are definitely worth trying out. If you wanted to avoid the crowds at Food Truck events, you might want to hit their restaurant up inside the California Lottery building instead. You will get a gourmet burger at the price you pay. There is a reason that there is always a long line outside Krush Burger trucks. Don’t worry, they take credit cards. If you get a chance, try out Krush Burger!

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