Yummy Juice Cafe – Part 2

3005 B Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

On this visit to Yummy Café, we decided to try out their Chinese dinner menu where you can choose 3 different dishes for around $22. We ended up ordering the tomato chicken, broccoli beef, and chicken hot pot. The meal comes with complementary soup as well as white rice. The soup tasted pretty good, was light, and felt healthy. The tomato beef actually has quite a bit of tomato flavor and was seasoned well. The broccoli beef was a bit saltier, but the broccoli was cooked softer, just how I liked it. The chicken hot pot did come in a pot, but the pot wasn’t hot. The flavors definitely shone through in the chicken and Chinese sausage.

Overall, for around $22, the three dish meal is actually a pretty good value. Portion sizes are adequate, but could be a bit bigger. I would definitely come back again to order this meal. Yummy Café makes it even better because they are open pretty late. It also might be worth coming by during their afternoon happy hour where they have many popular rice plates for around $5-$7.


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