The Dumpling House – Davis, CA

129 E St

Davis, CA 95616

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located right next to Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, The Dumpling House serves up several homemade dumplings with various fillings and flavors. As you enter the small eatery, you notice several tables available and a few staff available to assist you. Once we were seated, a server took our drink order. The menu is pretty simple and inexpensive on the front side, but when you turn it over, you have access to additional fish and chips.

Today, we decided to try the pork & vegetable pan-fried dumplings, steamed kimchi pork dumplings, and pork & vegetable wontons. Each order came with 12 dumplings, so we quickly realized we ordered too much, oh well. We were provided with a plate and a container of dipping sauce. The sauce was both savory and sweet, which went well with all of the dumplings. The pork & vegetable dumplings came first. Each dumpling had a great pan sear on its sides and came filled with fresh pork and vegetables. The dumpling wrapper was quite thick, so each dumpling felt quite heavy. The kimchi pork dumplings had a spice to each bite, but you cannot really taste any kimchi inside the dumpling. The steamed wrapper was still quite thick, so you really felt like you were eating some very thick dough. The wontons came with a much thinner wrapper, but the filling tasted similar to the regular pork & vegetable dumpling. A peanut-based sauce came with the wontons, but it was not tasty. I rather dip the wontons in the regular savory sauce instead.

Overall, The Dumpling House serves up some good dumplings, but the wrappers are way too thick. Also, we were seated near the door and mail drop, so I constantly had hot air blow over me. If you feel like dumplings and want to eat something simple and filling, then these dumplings will do the trick. If the wrapper becomes too much, you can remove them and just eat the meat.

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