My Thai Basil

8785 Center Pkwy

Sacramento, CA 95823

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located in a busy plaza, My Thai Basil serves up various Thai dishes at reasonable prices. When we entered the restaurant on the weekday evening, there were no customers in the restaurant. There was one table that still had the previous customer’s dishes on them, but other than that, only the server/hostess was the only other person in the dining room. After being seated, we received our menus and ordered our drinks.

Today, we decided to order the chicken satay, spicy eggplant with pork, kapoon noodle with chicken, and pad Thai with chicken. The chicken satay arrived first. The four pieces of chicken were tender and came deliciously seasoned. The accompanying peanut sauce was delicious and smooth, which well with the chicken. The spicy eggplant with pork had a delicious sauce that was moderately spicy. The sauce went well with the meat and rice. The kapoon noodle was a lot thicker than expected and was not really a soup. The flavors were OK, but you could not taste much of the curry flavor. The noodle did have ample amounts of meat though. The pad Thai was extremely sweet and sticky. The flavor was overpowering and not appetizing. There was an adequate amount of meat, but it was very hard to eat with the noodles.

Overall, My Thai Basil was very inconsistent with their food quality. This may explain why there were no other customers coming in to eat. With that said, some dishes like the spicy eggplant with pork were actually really good, but definitely stay away from the pad Thai. If you are planning on watching a movie at the theater in the same plaza and want Thai food, then you can settle with this restaurant. Otherwise, you will find much better tasting Thai food elsewhere.

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