Chopan Kabob

9105 Bruceville Rd

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

In search for something different to eat, we stumbled upon Chopan Kabob to try out some Afghan cuisine. We arrived shortly after their opening time, and there was already someone picking up a to-go order. We were directed to take a seat at any table, and then a gentleman provided us with menus. The restaurant is in the dining room, so you can see the staff prepare the meal from the comfort of your table.

Today, we decided to order a half order of bolani, chicken kabob, and tikka kabob. We were glad to have ordered the half order of the bolani because a full order would be way too much. The bolani tasted delicious and was filled with potato and chive flavors. The bolani went very well with the white yogurt. Each piece was freshly prepared and was steaming hot. The chicken kabob came with an ample amount of rice and veggies. The chicken was tender and had a lot of spices on it. The outside of the chicken tasted like a lot of flavorful dry rub and well with the basmati rice. The rice was fresh and soft, which went well with the meat. Just like the chicken kabob, the tikka kabob came with the same rice and veggies, but the beef was sliced and extremely tender. The beef was delicious and had the same seasonings as the chicken, but the seasoning tasted even better on the beef.

Overall, Chopan Kabob serves up some delicious tasting Afghan food. The tables were lined with plastic tablecloth, which gets annoying because it gets sticky on your legs. On one piece of the bolani, we did find a fine fiber, which may have come from a cleaning sponge, but we just avoided that piece. Price is decent for the quantity and quality of food received. Given another chance, I would come back to Chopan Kabob and recommend it to others.

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