Viet Ha Noodles and Grill

2417 Broadway A2

Sacramento, CA 95818

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

If you are looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, then you are looking at the wrong place, sort of. Viet Ha serves up a simple menu of protein made in different styles with different garnish and dressing. The limited menu makes it easy for you to order Vietnamese-style food at very reasonable prices. As you enter the restaurant, you find an ordering counter and limited seating. Having called ahead, I forgone the wait completely.

Today, we decided to order the pork rice box with tangy vinaigrette and the beef noodle box with savory sauce. The pork rice box came filled with ample amounts of meat, rice, and veggies. The pork was flavorful and tasted delicious dipped into the vinaigrette. The rice was fluffy and fulfilling, which went well with the fresh vegetables. The beef noodle box was ordered without any veggies, and in its place rested tons of noodles. The sauce was savory and not too salty. The beef was not very tender, but tasted OK. Each bite of the meat and noodles tasted quite sweet due to the sauce.

Overall, Viet Ha satisfies the Vietnamese cravings at decent prices in this modern establishment. Service was great, and it was very easy to make a takeout order over the phone. Some parking is available in the rear of the restaurant, but there are two street parking spots in the front. If you are craving some Vietnamese food but do not want to go to a pho restaurant, then Viet Ha will do the job.

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