The Waffle Experience

4391 Gateway Park Blvd #650

Sacramento, CA 95834

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Located in an unassuming strip mall in Natomas,The Waffle Experience serves up creative brunch delights to the North Natomas community. In order to avoid the morning rush, we decided to arrive closer to the afternoon, which worked out perfectly. After placing my name down, we were seated within 15 minutes. The hostess provided menus while a server later came by for drink orders.

After reviewing the menu, we decided to order Praise the Lard, Benedict Arnold, and Just a Waffle. As you can tell, The Waffle Experience excels at naming their dishes, but they need to work on their food. Praise the Lard consisted of a large chunk of pork belly and egg atop a waffle with light syrup. The pork belly was nicely glazed and had enough fat on it, but it could have been more tender. The eggs added a nice touch, but the waffle was disappointing. Although the waffle was stuffed with lardon, the waffle itself was extremely hard and dense. The waffle was quite a challenge to eat even when cut into pieces. The Benedict Arnold tasted quite bland, and you can barely taste the hollandaise. The Canadian bacon was mostly fat, and the dish just didn’t look appetizing. The eggs added a nice texture, but again, the waffle was so hard. The Just a Waffle was supposed to be a nice sweet finish. There was just enough syrup on the plate for the two small waffles. Unfortunately, the waffles were just as dense as the other two dishes. Eating the waffles became more of a chore instead of enjoyment.

Overall, The Waffle Experience started with promise, but ended in failure. Menu choices looked creative, but the end results were quite disappointing. How can a restaurant with waffle in the name cook up almost inedible waffles? Service also started pretty good since the server was attentive, but at the end of the meal, we were ignored and not checked on. We had to flag down a different server to get our check. Given another opportunity, we would not return here. Bacon and Butter is a whole lot better.

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