Viet Noodle Bar – Las Vegas, NV

5288 Spring Mountain Rd #106

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located in Las Vegas’ Chinatown, Viet Noodle Bar serves up traditional Vietnamese dishes at reasonable prices. As we entered the renovated restaurant, we were greeted by staff and were brought to a table. Menus and water were provided. The restaurant has multiple televisions mounted to the walls, so there is always an angle to watch whatever they have on. The restaurant was about half full for an early weekend, so there was plenty of seating.

Today, we decided to order the spring rolls, grilled pork rice plate, and the large rare steak pho with no onions. The spring rolls tasted very fresh and tasty. They use an adequate amount of pork and shrimp and even have mint inside. The grilled pork rice plate came overly salty and accompanied with fairly dry rice. You will find yourself drinking a lot of water as you eat this dish. The pork is flavorful, but salty. The pho came with cilantro, which added a fresh flavor to the soup as well as minimal oil. The soup itself is very light, but you can taste the beef base. There was an adequate amount of beef included with the pho, but was not as tender as other pho restaurants I have been to.

Overall, Viet Noodle House serves up good tasting pho, but not so good rice plates. The spring rolls are a must if you visit here. Prices are reasonable as with any Vietnamese restaurant. Service was OK, but it would have been nice if servers came by more often for water refills. Food did come out fairly quickly. If you are looking for quality Vietnamese food off the strip, then Viet Noodle House will do the job.

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