Ginseng Korean BBQ – Part 2 – Las Vegas, NV

3765 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 3

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located right on the strip and open 24/7, Ginseng Korean BBQ serves up Korean food to tourists on the strip. Unlike our first visit back in 2012, we ordered food that was much more appetizing. The restaurant was not busy at all as we entered late at night. A server quickly seated us to an available table. We opted not to order the expensive all you can eat option with very limited choices.

Today, we decided to order the pork cutlet and the dol sot bibimbap. We received 6 side dishes, but we had them take two back because we did not want to eat them. The sides tasted OK, but were not amazing and also lacked flavor. We were also given two bowls of seaweed soup. The soup had a strong chicken base, but did not taste like bullion. The pork cutlet came with a side salad and rice. The salad was a simple lettuce with thousand island, but tasted fresh. The pork was crispy, but not juicy at all. The meat was quite hard and was not as tender as expected from the menu. The sauce was overly vinegary and was not appetizing. The dol sot bibimbap only came with four vegetables and ground beef. The bowl was also fairly small. The bibimbap did taste good, but lacked a variety of ingredients.

Overall, Ginseng Korean BBQ does serve up fairly authentic Korean food in the middle of the strip, but the quality is still not all there. Service was definitely great on this visit, but prices are definitely on the high-end. You will probably find better tasting Korean food at better prices in Chinatown. If you do not have a car or do not feel like driving off the strip, then Ginseng Korean BBQ may do the job.

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