Wicked Spoon – Las Vegas, NV

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Located inside the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Wicked Spoon has become known as one of the best buffets in the strip having opened in 2010. Since the buffet is no longer new, the lines have died down dramatically. We decided to give the restaurant a try since many people still put it in their top five Vegas buffets. The lines going into the restaurant are a bit confusing because the line to pay was empty and a second line was seen to the left. You are supposed to go into the first line, pay, and then move to the second line to wait for a table. Today’s weekend dinner costed $50 per person, which is very steep, so you go in having certain expectations. Having already tried the newer Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace a few years ago, Wicket Spoon has a lot to live up to.

During our rounds through the buffet, we noticed that many of the offered food items remained empty for a while, so that makes me feel like they were unprepared to serve customers, while we also noticed other food items that just didn’t seem to turn over. From the food items we actually tried, we had some insights: The taco el pastor had some tasty marinated pork inside, but the taco overall was greasy. The shrimp with grits had some flavorful seasoning, but the grits were pretty plain. The angry mac and cheese was actually very delicious with mild hints of spiciness. The duck wings were fairly large and included drumsticks as well. The duck was tender and delicious. The freshly cut prime rib came overly bloody, and it was not tender at all. The meat was chewy and had no flavor. The addition of au jus did not help either. The hand-made Italian sausage had way too much black pepper. The fried chicken was not juicy and the meat was tough. The chicken carbonara tasted flavorful and delicious. The five-spice roasted pork was overly salty and the skin was too hard to chew. The Spanish corn tasted refreshing with hints of lime. The beef drunken noodles had rubbery noodles and was not spicy at all, but the flavor was decent. The spinach artichoke dip was delicious, but it only came with two chips, which was not enough. The cooked salmon atop a bed of spiralized zucchini was a bit dry and flavorless, but the zucchini was delicious. The quality of desserts varied. The cheesecake was too mushy, but had a strong base with tasty top. The raspberry macaron was OK, but the shell was too fragile. The chocolate-Oreo dipped strawberry tasted fresh. The carrot cake was delicious and moist. The lemon cake had very strong lemon flavors and its cake was moist. The pistachio cake and blueberry cake both had denser, drier cakes and their flavors were not as evident or were unflattering. The mango passion fruit cake was very sour and unappetizing. The chocolate tart was very hard and unappetizing. The chocolate mousse cone was OK, but I did not like the dark chocolate much.The Thai tea ice cream tasted just like Thai Tea. The Tiramisu ice cream tasted more like coffee ice cream with minimal Tiramisu ingredients inside.

Overall, Wicked Spoon has some delicious food to offer, but there was a whole lot of food that we did not like or we had no interest in. I took pictures of all the food stations as well, and you can really see a lot of food that we skipped. Service was OK at first, but got better when the servers had a shift change. We liked how each table has their own fancy bottle of water, but you can still order juice, soda, tea, or coffee. The pineapple juice was actually really good. For $50 a person, I cannot say that Wicked Spoon was worth it. If there were more better prepared items or more tender prime rib, I would say that Wicked Spoon is worth a shot. At this point, I would say your money is better spent at Bacchanal Buffet.

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