Jasmine Seafood Restaurant – San Diego

4609 Convoy St
Ste A
San Diego, CA 92111

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Touted in many websites and publications as the number one Chinese restaurant in all of San Diego, Jasmine Seafood Restaurant serves up authentic Chinese dishes at exorbitant prices. All the servers and hostess were all dressed up, and the tables were set in classy fashion.

Today, we ordered the honey walnut shrimp, whole crispy fried chicken, peking pork, and sautéed beef with broccoli. The honey walnut shrimp tasted very good, but the dish itself did not look appealing. The beef with broccoli had a lot a flavor and the broccoli tasted fresh. The peking pork was a bit overly saucy and salty, but looked good. The whole crispy fried chicken was HUGE! The entire chicken tasted tender and juicy and the shrimp crisps were all crispy.

Overall, Jasmine does indeed serve up great tasting dishes for the most part. Service was consistent and continuing throughout the meal. The huge downside of this restaurant is their extremely overpriced menu. If the menu prices were reduced by at least 20%, the meal would be a bit lighted on your wallet. However, if you are in San Diego and are looking for great tasting Chinese food, then you must go to Jasmine.

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