Oz Korean BBQ – Part 2

3343 Bradshaw Rd

Sacramento, CA 95827

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Unlike the previous horrible visit a few weeks ago at Oz, this visit was a complete 180. Our group was quickly seated after arriving. We actually had a very upbeat and quick server who was really on the ball. Water was dispersed across the table, and then all of the side-dishes were brought out after we all selected the all-you-can-eat option. Unlike the special all-you-can-eat option on Monday and Tuesday, you only get to choose from 7 types of meat instead of the 9-10 types.

Today, we got to try 4 types of beef (Rancho Galbi, Galbi, Bul Go Gi, and Sesame Beef), 2 types of pork (Sweet Pork and Spicy Pork), and 1 chicken (BBQ Chicken). My favorite side dishes were the broccoli and the Japchae. All of the meat tasted very flavorful with the exception of the BBQ Chicken. Not only does Chicken take longer to cook, there was not much flavor infused in the chicken. If possible, I suggest sticking with beef and pork.

Overall, this visit deserves a great rating due to continual side dish and meat refills and great tasting food. However, I do not like how expensive the meal was considering each person costs $19.99 on Friday. Considering the inconsistent service received from Oz, I still suggest coming here only if you have a group of people. This way, they can’t forget about you. In the end, you can’t really go wrong with Korean BBQ.

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